Human Resources

Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. conceives people and tries to respond to their physical, psychological and economic requirements.

The prestige of the company in the national scope is high, since it occupies the first place in the labor demand. This is mainly due to the stability and benefits provided to its staff, as it is characterized by promotion opportunities and training programs.

The Human Resources Administration develops an organizational culture capable of integrating the demands and values of both, seeking the integral satisfaction of the employee and at the same time seeks to overcome it.

The personnel department is charged with the induction and training of directors, upper-management, executives, mid-level managers and operational level employees. All newly hired employees receive an induction course whose main objective is to provide newcomers with a general overview of the company, its policies, norms, procedures, guidelines and the comprehensive benefits package. Once the induction program is finalized, the employee is introduced to all the workers that he will be working with.

In terms of special courses, once the induction program is over, employees begin labor-specific training programs.

CervecerÍa relies on external advisers to assess and define the content of the courses that are considered necessary to reinforce knowledge, abilities and skills. The courses required to be able to opt for a promotion are: Cerveza I, Cerveza II and Food Handling among others.

Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. keeps close relation with several institutions, all dedicated to teaching and training in fields such as management, total quality and motivation, in order to provide its employees with the best possible training options. Among those institutions are, Tayasal, Asociación de Gerentes de Guatemala and Dale Carnegie Training. At the operational level, courses are imparted by INTECAP, (a local institution dedicated to training and offering specialized courses), especially those related to food sanitation and handling and manufacturing practices. Training programs are updated annually.

With regards to upper management, Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. has selected certain members within the family’s new generations and has recruited other external professionals, both chosen on the basis of their capacity and experience. All of them have contributed fresh ideas to the company without losing sight of the founder’s values given that, as leaders, their example will be closely followed and emulated.

Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. strategy is based on the integration of the human, technological and social elements. Company employees are encouraged to receive training outside of the country and scholarships are given to those who are interested.


Since its establishment, 125 years ago, Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. provides an on-site medical clinic. The company currently offers several medical services to its employees and respective families, including: dental care services, general health, pediatric care, gynecology, medicine provision, psychological, nutrition, physical preparation, ophthalmology as well as lab services providing chemical and biological tests. When necessary, the patient is referred to specialists hired by the company.


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