Corporate Social Responsibility

Pioneer of CSR

Cerveceria guatemalteca de tradicion pionera de la RSE Cerveceria guatemalteca de tradicion pionera de la RSE Cerveceria guatemalteca de tradicion pionera de la RSE Since its foundation in 1886 and guided by the leadership of its founders Mariano and Rafael Castillo Córdova, the company has had a vision of solidarity and friendly work in social, labor and environmental.

In 1990, Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. Created the Castillo Cordova Foundation with the aim of developing social programs and commemorate the spirit of solidarity of the founders. The company has promoted and implemented the principles of corporate social responsibility, even before the concept was disseminated and standardized.

With the support and effort of its collaborators, it has been achieved that the Foundation has a great coverage in the country. This results in the direct benefit of thousands of Guatemalans and institutions committed to providing opportunities and promoting culture, sport, art, education, health and development in the country.

On the other hand, through its leading brands and as a response to the population for its preference and loyalty, it promotes healthy entertainment and fun. That is why it organizes activities such as the Rooster Tree and music festivals, which have already become a tradition and each year unite more Guatemalans.

Investing in new technology and raising the quality standards of its operations has been the constant in its trajectory, at the same time as it grows and accompanies workers and their families to contribute to local development.

Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. Is a pioneer in the field of employment benefits, constant training and, mainly, in granting a decent treatment to the people who work in the company. At present it has more than 10 000 direct collaborators and more than 100 000 indirect ones.

The company continues to innovate and invest to make proper use of natural resources and to have a favorable impact on communities, their collaborators and their environment.

Among the most important achievements can be mentioned:
• More than 30 hectares of forest are cared for and reforested.
• 30% of the carbon dioxide produced in the beer fermentation process is recovered and reused.
• Wastewater is used for irrigation and cleaning of sanitation services. The result has been a saving of 70% in the use of water.